How many times have we all written angular forms? And how many times after our forms were finished did we have to embark on the tedious task of writing our form's validations? Using angular's built in validators is a good place to start, but I've found that it's really not enough; It's too general and does not offer enough tools out of the box, so I have to write my own validations. Again. And again. And again... The best case scenario was to copy and paste from one project to the next.
For my back-end validations (Node) I have been using Express-validator.js which in turn uses validator.js. Validator.js offers a myriad of validators and sanitizers out of the box, which cuts down on development time both for writing code, and fixing bugs. This gave me an idea. I thought about using validator.js as a validation 'engine' for a project that will convert all of validator.js functionality into easy to use angular directives.
That idea turned into ang-validator.js

This library offers all of validator.js functionality wrapped into angular directives, that interact seamlessly with angular's native validation. It also provides a very easy way to add you own custom validators and sanitizers (parsers).

Here is a presentation I gave on ang-validator: ang-validator presentation

ang-validator's git page: ang-validator.js
ang-validator's documentation: ang-validator/